Agape Love A Greco- Christian term referring to Love, the highest form of Love, “charity” it is embracing a universal, unconditional love that transcends and persists regardless of circumstance it goes beyond just the emotions to the extent of seeking the best for others. I believe Agape Love is altruism in it’s purest essence. The extension of oneself through an act of kindness to another without exception nor expectation of reciprocity. It’s an extension of kindness that can exist regardless of someone’s,religion, race, sexual orientation, social class or economic status. It abolishes any form of segregation and allows for unification if only for one moment through one simple act, in one moment imagine the possibilities. In this world that is driven too often by what divides and makes us different why not just try expressing Agape love always remembering that regardless of our apparent vast differences, one indisputable fact will always remain we are all human beings and I believe that is a beautiful start.


Release me to the wind, the sea the earth, the trees,release me to where I belong to the air, to the song of the bird, to the rhythmic beat of the waves in the raging ocean. Release me to the sun where it’s rays embrace me and rejoice in my presence,  release me to that feeling when  toes are buried in warm sand, release me to that feeling when one has reached the pinnacle of the mountain. Magnanimous, invincible. Release me to the moon, the stars where energy is everywhere infinite. Release me to where happiness is abundant  it overflows, where light is boundless to where true autonomy resides. To where I am free, I am light, free to shine brightly, release me to where I am peace free, from the depravity of this world free from lies and treachery that can only exist in chaos and captivity.